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Taking care of your crystals

Removing & Cleaning your Crystals from your candles:

  • Gently remove all crystals prior to lighting your candle. They are safe to leave in, however may get lost within the wax when the candle starts to burn, and or as the candle melts the crystals can move towards the centre and knock the wick over into the wax.
  • Once you have taken your crystals out, the best way to clean them is:
    • to wipe them down with a little bit of warm water on a cloth or towel and wipe away the excess wax, or
    • Place them in a small bowl/cup of luke warm water and let them soak for a few moments, then take the crystals out and gently wipe them with a cloth or towel.
  • (Noting: each crystal is different so it's best to do some research one each individual crystal prior to cleaning as some are more mineral based than others that can be a lot harder overall. A simple "how to clean Selenite" into google should do the trick)


CLEANSING your crystals can be done many different ways:

  • Sunlight
  • Moonlight
  • Incense
  • Candlelight 
  • Water
  • Sound
  • Soil
  • Visualisation
  • Other crystals (Like Selenite)
  • Intentional breath
  • Physical contact
  • Sea salt